Why Us ?


To develope a product with a least cost


To be the leading product and services organization in the semiconductor market.

MAXVY means providing maximum value to its Employees, Customers, Clients, Vendors and Investors in-terms of Growth,Product, Quality, Service, Support, Knowledge Sharing and ROI.

We offer our services to shape your concept to products (Silicon Chips), which includes Product Design, RTL design and Verification, Analog and Mixed Signal System Design and Analysis, Physical Design, Embedded Product Design etc...

MAXVY has a team of professionals with an average year of experience 10+ years in the fields like VLSI Design/Verification, Software Driver, Middleware and Firmware, Embedded System Design etc...

We offer our highly trained and experienced engineers for clients on request basis to work on-site to help them develop their products. We also have an Off-site Design Centre (ODC) to fulfil customer requirements.